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The Kendra French Door Garage Style

The Kendra Style is designed to look like two sets of elegant French doors. Each panel has two panes across and a minimum of four panes down. Our Kendra Models are constructed of the highest grade extruded aluminum. Our panes are made up of the strongest polycarbonate available on the market. The Kendra Style was designed as an offering for homes with smaller window panes on the facade of the home. We offer our Kendra style with a variety of customization options. The application of these options will help the homeowner to match their home perfectly.

Size & Form Factors

We offer the beautiful Kendra model in all standard and custom garage door sizes, meaning we can make it any size the customer needs. We also offer this door design in commercial applications such as gas stations, warehouses, office buildings and restaurants.

Durability & Security

Our Kendra model is constructed of the highest grade reinforced aluminum and polycarbonate. The overall design and structural integrity of the door makes it one of the most durable on the market. When it comes to security, our patented pinch-resistant extrusions (incorporated on all Kendra garage doors) are unrivaled. These extrusions allow for the sections of the door to meet and separate seamlessly and safely as the door operates, so fingers don’t get caught. Our exclusive, patented design makes it impossible to see where each section meets.


Maintenance on the Kendra garage door is limited. As previously stated, we incorporate the highest grade aluminum and the strongest available polycarbonate into the construction of our styles. Although scratches and scrapes are not typical with our product line, FrenchPorte touch up paint is available upon request. The application of a special cleaner is not necessary as warm water is all you need.

Standard & Custom Options

We offer the Kendra Model in all standard and custom sizes. Our standard polycarbonate pane options are Clear, Frosted, and Tinted-Clear. We also offer an insulated, tempered glass. FrenchPorte offers Brass, Nickle and Antique Bronze (basically Black) as our standard handle colors. We offer a wide array of powder-coated paint options which can be found at

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