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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A Different Kind Of Garage Door

Frenchporte Overhead Garage doors, one of HGTV’s “100 Best Innovative Ideas,” are designed to look just like French doors. They were invented by a woman with a highly developed aesthetic sense: Jennifer Maher, a make-up artist with ABC News in Washington. “My personal philosophy,” says Maher, “is that nothing ever has to be unattractive.”

How did you get the idea for Frenchporte Garage Doors?

Some years ago, while we were house hunting, we found that many houses had garages that faced the street, which I found unattractive. At the time, I noticed that some model homes had offices in their garages and had installed French doors. This made the whole house look better.

How does the FrenchPorte door open?

It rolls up in sections just like a regular garage door. You can’t see that there are sections because with our new, patented design, you can’t see the seams. Also, as an added safety feature, the door has been made pinch-proof so fingers don’t get caught.

Is a FrenchPorte door as sturdy as a regular garage door?

It may look fragile, but what makes it such a great door is that it is constructed of heavy duty polycarbonate and reinforced aluminum. The polycarbonate panes are unbreakable. The aluminum is light, strong, and requires no upkeep because of it’s powder-coated features

What about privacy?

Our standard polycarbonate panes are frosted for privacy. From inside, it’s beautiful. You have a stream of natural light coming in that makes the inside bright and keeps away mildew and mold. An added perk in winter is the door’s passive solar value.

What about price?

This is a high-end door that, for a reasonable price, will improve the curb appeal of your home. Doors comparable to our quality are selling for $5,000/$6,000 for a single while our doors are priced around $2,000.

What about my existing garage door opener?

Your old garage door opener will work with new FrenchPorte garage doors, but we recommend purchasing a new one at the time of installation.

Do you have more than one style?

Currently, we are offering four styles: the Kendra, the Madeleine, the Jennifer and the Christina. We also have a number of Design & Utility patents already secured for future designs.

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